It turns out the beach bag that I decided to knit before finals week (who need studying?) was one of the most useful things that I took on my trip to the beach.  Aside from being candy corn tropical themed, it was also the ideal beach bag.

I figured that it would maybe fit a towel and then a water bottle easy.  I would maybe have to carry a spare towel and my sunscreen, no big deal.  I could not have been more wrong!  That thing stretched to carry everything!  And when I say everything, I mean it.  I had two towels in there, two cans of sunscreen, a bottle of aloe, a water bottle (one of the BIG ones), and a little bucket for collecting seashells.  Even with all of that, there was still lots of room left over.

It also held up reasonably well even with all of the heavy lifting that it did.  No unraveling over here!  My ends started to poke out a bit, but I figure that’s partly because it’s an openwork pattern, and partly because I have a sneaking suspicion I don’t weave my ends in right.  Other than that, the bag held up wonderfully.  Sand also fell right through it, which was another giant plus.

The only bad (ish) thing about it is the awkwardness of having all that stuff to carry.  The bag is so stretchy that when it’s stuffed with everything and anything it ends up looking like something a quintessential bag lady would carry around.  But I suppose that is the price I have to pay for being able to haul my entire life around; and if that’s the only drawback with this pattern, I’ll take it.